Carré means square, or patch of land… A pair of solid oak end-grain presentation boards with a touch of bling to jazz up even the most stylish of dining or side tables.
The deep black colour is created by applying an acetic acid solution which reacts with the natural tannins in the oak. Restorers’ gilt cream provides golden graphical highlights of concentric squares.

£380 a pair



A simple and modern pair of side tables, with subtly patterned solid end-grain timber and contrasting dowel detailing on the leg joinery. Anta refers to the square posts or pillars at an entrance to a Greek temple. Currently available in English oak with ebony dowels (reclaimed from old piano keys) or chocolate brown wenge timber with solid copper dowels. Other combinations available.

£890 a pair



Hand crafted candlesticks from rippled sycamore and laminated oak veneer, with turned copper collars. Enjoy their angled form, sharp join lines, smooth curves and crisp facets. The candlesticks reveal different angles and curves from various viewpoints. Tapered candles can either be slotted and suspended through the collar or inserted more conventionally from above. The base of each candlestick is lead-weighted for stability and leather-covered to protect fine surfaces.

£775 a pair



This whisky glass box draws on traditional materials associated with whisky production – oak, cork, copper – and is veneered in brown oak. Curved square panels reference the duality of the glass itself. Inside, spun copper bowls provide the main storage space, surrounded by patinated copper collars. A magnet locates a cork bung in the lower dish, over which the glass rests snugly when stored. The box can also be used to house jewellery or other small items.