Ribbon Cross Tray


The top of this tray features a bird’s eye maple background with ribbon cross pattern in walnut, whilst the underside is finished in book-matched rippled sycamore.

The solid walnut handles complement the central pattern to complete this attractive and original piece.


Cantilever Cake Stand

The Cantilever Cake Stand takes diving boards as its inspiration. Precisely cut holes in the platters allow each one to be slipped onto the tapered post and come to rest, perfectly horizontally, at the correct level. There are no fixtures or fittings required. The end product is a deceptively simple, unique piece which is also tactile, with a smooth wood finish that invites touch.


All Angles!

walnut lamp

This lamp is made of solid American Walnut with an ‘Indian Summer’ patterned cable which, contrary to the common approach of hiding the cable, is left on show to provide colour and interest to the lamp. It provides a wonderfully unusual and attractive talking-point with a soft and warming light to brighten up any room. The lamp also demonstrates excellent craftsmanship and the American Walnut has a rich dark colouring which provides elegance in any setting.
The vintage-style bulb is held in a bright orange bulb-holder and the cable has an in-line on/off switch. The bulb is a modern version of a vintage filament style bulb and has LEDs in place of filaments which means that it is very energy efficient and will last thousands of hours.