Red coat Rack

Beautifully handcrafted coat rack made with vibrant red wood and Valchromat a wood fibre panel which is coloured throughout and engineered for high physical performance.

Amplex Chair

A chair designed with the intention of occupying the space at the intersection of form and function. It has been created from the seating position out, aiming to provide comfort and support to the user through its curved, cushioned seat and back rest which are clad in soft leather. This comfort and support gives the chair its name “Amplex” taken from the Latin word for hug or embrace.

The chair is also designed to convey this comfortable and pleasurable sitting experience through its aesthetic, it’s curved, flowing shapes soften its appearance and the arms and seat angle outwards as if inviting the viewer to take a seat. The chairs dynamic stance aims to give it a personality and a gait that suggests it is just about to move.




The Tephra console table is created from layers of Ash shaped and sculpted into a fluid, organic form as made during volcanic eruptions. This piece reflects nature in its flowing shape and manufacture. The removal of material, layer by layer, allows the table to emerge. It hugs the wall via invisible fixings, puzzling the viewer as to how it balances. Tephra is designed to grace a hallway, or to create a focal point in any room. The matching Tephra wall shelf  is also available to order.




This contemporary sideboard does as its name suggests,  paying homage to the sideboards of the mid-century era. While taking styling cues from long, low, Scandinavian pieces, Retrospect also ploughs its own furrow. Standing atop a curved leg structure, the juxtaposed cabinet is created from a number of different pieces, each one separated and accented by red laminate which creates a coloured gap.